Project Overview

Amcham Finland | Content Marketing

One of the largest business networks in the Nordics, Amcham Finland, contracted Nutmegger PR during the summer of 2015 to help improve their U.S. member-focused content marketing efforts. After opening an office in New York City in late 2014, Amcham Finland decided to take progressive steps to improve their visibility and engagement by highlighting U.S. member companies and ongoing activities in the United States.

Nutmegger PR developed and implemented a personalized content marketing strategy specifically for Amcham Finland’s needs and conducted several interviews of Amcham Finland’s American members, as well as members of their Launchpad USA program. By producing engaging content, as well as applying sound SEO practices, Nutmegger PR was able to help increase Amcham Finland’s website traffic and engagement improving click-through rates by over 60%, increasing sessions by nearly 75% and increasing session lengths by nearly 300%.