Not sure what you want to achieve from your social media efforts? Do you have an amazing product or service, but your website isn’t getting any traffic? Are you looking for a fresh perspective to help improve your business, but don’t know what is best for you? Wade into new waters and try our editing & proofreading, social media and content marketing packages to identify and improve your company’s digital marketing efforts TODAY!

- Editing & Proofreading -
  • • We’ll meet with you to discuss your website and what we can do to improve it to help you reach your goals.
  • • We’ll proofread and edit your website’s English content to perfection - up to ten (10) pages.
  • • We’ll improve your content by including on-brand voice to define your business and its goals.
  • • One round of feedback changes – if you feel that something is missing, let us know and we’ll fix it.
  • • All this for only 600€ + VAT!
- Social Media -
  • • We’ll review and report on our findings of your social media accounts – up to three (3) accounts.
  • • We’ll compare your competitors presences to your own and help to identify where you can improve and over-take them.
  • • We’ll explain the options that you have to help you achieve your desired ROI from social media.
  • • We’ll help you to gain the best engagement levels with your communities by advising you on the content that you should be sharing and what you should be talking about.
  • • We’ll meet with you discuss our review and to answer any questions you may have.
  • • All this for only 750€ + VAT!
- Content Marketing -
  • • A three-hour (3) training and informational session where we will introduce you to content marketing and explain why its so important and powerful.
  • • We’ll help you to formulate a personalized content strategy of your own to use.
  • • We’ll show you the tools available to help you as you implement your strategy.
  • • We’ll work with you to write your first original content – and we’ll proofread it for free!
  • • All this for only 800€ + VAT!


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