Project Overview

Safe to Play | Website Redesign

What began as an SEO consultation, became a complete website redesign with our repeat client, Safe to Play Oy. In late 2015, Esa Junttila from Safe to Play Oy contacted us about receiving some SEO consulting and training in hopes that he would be able to improve S2P’s organic search rankings. Playground safety and certification examinations are rather specific search criteria to begin with -especially in Finnish- so when we first looked at Safe to Play’s website, we noticed things that needed to be addressed before we even dove into improving their SEO practices.

We discussed the importance of responsive design, SEO-friendly URL’s and permalinks, keywords, and long-tail searches and after 90 minutes of discussion we had a whole new project on our hands: the complete redesign and reforming of Safe to Play’s website and web content to help them gain the organic search results that they had long-desired.

Nutmegger PR selected the theme, necessary plugins, and performed code modifications to effectively and efficiently display Safe to Play’s desired imagery and online persona. The web redesign project was completed and launched in January 2016. Since then, Safe to Play has further enhanced their web presence by adding an English version of their website, for which Nutmegger PR performed the proofreading and copy editing of these texts.